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10GbE Market
ChinaSFP / 2012-05-03

The need for greater networking throughput, the emergence of converged networks (the blending of LAN and SAN traffic over a common backbone), faster access to storage for database, online transactions, backup and recovery, and virtualization are key drivers guiding the adoption of 10GbE in the datacenter. Today's datacenter challenges require accelerated business performance, optimization of asset utilization, lower system acquisition and operational cost, and reduced IT complexity. Enterprise customers want to reduce IT spending while at the same time improving services available to their customers or productivity of their employees. IT managers have the challenge of addressing and solving these seemingly irreconcilable requirements

As the number of sockets and cores have been increasing, so have the required number of Ethernet connections from each server. Typically Ethernet ports are "aggregated" to form bigger pipes, but this consumes too many switch ports and is typically ill-suited to blade architectures. A single 10GbE uplink provides a natural progression by replacing as many as 10 discrete 1 GbE connections

Storage, (Bigger pipes, more IOPS)
Storage servers, like Sun's Open Storage 7000 Appliances, benefit from 10GbE connectivity by eliminating traditional bottlenecks and reducing cable sprawl. Storage systems that combine FLASH and SSD technology require significantly larger pipes to balance increased IOPS with network bandwidth.

Server virtuahzation is gaining traction, from mid-market to high end enterprise. Virtualization effectively brings the networking edge deep into the server kernel where physical NICs are abstracted and presented to VMs as VNICs. In 1GbE datacenters, a typical server might require 5 NICs in support of virtualization due to the bandwidth limitations of Ethernet pipes. 10GbE NICs provide ample bandwidth that can be effectively shared among multiple VMs, while offering converged services to sharply reduce the number of required cables and drive down operational expenses.

Designed to harness the full capabilities of Oracle's Server Systems and 10GbE NICs, the Sun Network 10GbE Switch 72p brings advanced 10GbE Ethernet Top of Rack switching to datacenter customers. This high-density, non-blocking Top of Rack Switch delivers top performance, low latency, and high throughput to accelerate virtualized applications, and to simplify your datacenter by eliminating the networking bottlenecks and reducing costs.

Currently, 10Gtek is providing the products of compatible Cisco SFP+ & Cisco Transceiver Module for the global’s data center through its online shopping mall


Following are the SFP Module products in


QSFP+ Series: QSFP-40G-LR4 QSFP-40G-SR4




SFP+ Series: SFP-10G-ZR SFP-10G-SR SFP-10G-LR






X2 Series: X2-10GB-ER X2-10GB-LR X2-10GB-SR


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